Flip-to-Win Memory Game


Kids will love playing the Flip-to-Win Memory Game with a built-in scorekeeper! This compact, wooden travel game features a game board with 25 flaps, a two-player scoreboard, and includes seven double-sided, laminated game cards. Kids can choose a fun theme such as colors, zoo, fruit, shapes, and more. Easy to set up, just slide one of the game cards into the gameboard, and start looking for matches. The durable wooden frame features a bungee-hinge design so kids can easily flip the flaps throughout the game. Since there are no loose tile pieces, it’s an ideal travel game! It’s also a fun way for kids to practice memory skills, object and shape recognition, and cooperative play. Toss it in your knapsack or bag, and bring it along for car rides, airplane trips, doctor’s visits, and anytime you want to keep your kids entertained on the go. The memory travel game is a great gift for boys and girls ages five and older for hands-on, screen-free play.
Includes wooden frame with 25 flaps and sliding scorekeepers, and 7 double-sided, laminated, themed game cards.
Bungee-hinge design is durable and easy to use.
Cards feature colorful illustrations on themes such as colors, zoo, fruit and more.
Perfect for travel
Wooden travel memory game

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