Lansky Fillet and Bait Knife Sharpener, White, Finger Guard & Thumb Rest


The Fillet and Bait Sharpener from Lansky is the perfect solution to a dull fishing knife. The sharpener is a compact, portable and easy to use tool that puts a razor-sharp edge on even the dullest blades. Two fixed tungsten sharpening heads offer a consistent angle for effortless sharpening. Simply slide the head of the sharpener down the blade, and within a few strokes it will slice through bait with ease. An ergonomic handle employs textured finger grooves for a secure grip, while a scalloped thumb rest offers added control. Grip slots disperse water for a slip-resistant hold even with wet hands. Because safety is a priority, a full finger guard protects users from injury while using the sharpener. All parts are made of marine-grade materials to ensure maximum duty life without rust or corrosion. Made in the USA.

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