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Bowles Creek Ranch: More Than a Country Store 

We know it is important to feed your horses only the best quality hay. That’s why we offer barn-kept, well-fertilized, horse-quality hay. Take the mystery out of what your horses are eating Bahia Bermuda Mix Hay. It’s grown, harvested, and rolled at Bowles Creek.

We take time and use only the best practices in grooming our fields to yield quality hay. We cut, fluff, and bale the hay only when the hay is dry to ensure that we do not have an issue with our bales. We stand behind our product and are proud to be able to offer our quality hay to you.

Located in the rolling countryside just between Tyler, and Henderson, Bowles Creek offers clean, dry, quality horse hay.

Bahia Bermuda Mix Hay Near Tyler, TX

Bahia Bermuda mix hay is a great option to provide your horses with high-quality feed. Feeding your horses bahia hay can help them maintain healthy condition, build strong bones and muscles, and have healthy skin and coat.

Rich in nutrients and is easily digestible to meet the nutritional needs of horses.

Bahia Bermuda mix hay is low in dust and contains various essential vitamins and minerals. It also helps to improve digestion and can reduce the risk of colic.

Contact us to provide your horses with a nutritious and balanced diet.

Contact Cliff at 903-707-3212 for prices, availability, and information.

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